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Handan City Party secretary, Mayor Zhang Weiliang to investigate the Handan Flower Foodstuff Co.,Ltd Information source:fulaier Release time:2020-10-10 09:26:13 Browse:

On October 4, Zhang Weiliang, secretary and mayor of Handan city,  led the responsible comrades of relevant departments to Handan Flower Foodstuff Co.,Ltd for investigation.Have an in-depth talk with zhang Xiaolei, the head of our company,and have a detailed understanding of the production and operation, technological innovation and marketing of the enterprise and so on.Understand the current development and future planning of the enterprise, and what difficulties still need to be solved.
Zhang Weiliang stressed that it is necessary to pay close attention to the epidemic prevention and control in autumn and winter, increase production and increase export to earn foreign exchange while paying attention to safe production, so as to make greater contribution to local economic development.

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Add:Western Industry Zone of Anzhai Quzhou Hebei China