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  Handan Flower Foodstuff Co., Ltd was founded in 1984, located in Quzhou county Hebei province is principally engaged  in research, manufacture and sale of all kind of dried fruits including dried apricots, dried pears, dried peaches, dried apples, dried strawberries, dried cherries, dried kiwi and so on, and acquire the international HACCP food system certification and ISO9001 international quality management system certification in 2008. The company has a standard application laboratories, with 320 employees and the total investment is 120 million yuan, covering an area of 20,000 square meters.For thirty years, the products are popular with domestic and international customers such as EU, the United States, Russia ,Southeast Asia and other countries.

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Seedless date

Pineapple rings

Papaya dice

Mango slice

Ginger slice

Dried Tomato cherry

Dried plum

Dried Kumquat

Dried cantaloup

Yellow preserved Kiwifruit

Cherry preserves tempt red

Preserved strawberries tempt red

Dried Strawberry

Dried Strawberry Dice

Dried apricot dice

Dried apricot
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Allusions to the fruit

Beijing's fruit preserves are made from the imperial palace. In order to ensure that the emperor can eat fresh fruit all year round, the chefs will soak the fruits of each season in honey, so that the emperor can eat them at any time. Later, the production method came from the palace and Beijing had workshops dedicated to producing fruit
Beijing's fruit is known as the beijing-style fruit, which is a specialty of Beijing and is famous for its Chinese and foreign countries. Our country USES honey to marinate fruit, vegetable history long, early in the spring and autumn period and the warring states of the text record, to The Three Kingdoms period already has lotus seed, lotus root slice, winter melon bar and so on candied fruit. In order to store the fruit in the tang court, the court began to call it "honey frying". Sucrose production in song dynasty, added sugar - stained orange cake, sweet ginger, etc. For the difference, the honey is made of candied fruit, made of sugar called dried fruit.

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