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 Candied fruit is a national traditional snacks, more famous Beijing, guangdong, jiangsu and fujian several types. As the New Year approaches, people have more time to eat snacks, so they recommend all kinds of candied fruit and offer you some consumption help. Beijing type candied fruit is also known as Beijing preserved fruit, originated in Beijing, which to apple preserved fruit, golden thread jujube, apricot is more famous. Beijing type candied fruit taste sweet, the appearance of the fruit body transparent, dry surface. The ingredients are simple, but the dosage is large, characterized by soft and sweet taste. Candied fruit of cantonese style originated in guangzhou and chaozhou, among which candied lotus, candied tangerine and cream preserved plum are famous. Its surface is dry, sour and sweet taste, known for its rich sweet smell, especially suitable for southern taste. Jiangsu type candied fruit originated in suzhou, including produced in suzhou, Shanghai, wuxi and other places candied fruit. Among them with candied FIG, golden orange cake, sugar arbutus is more famous. Su - style candied fruit is rich in taste, set sweet, sour, salty in one, the same ingredients, varieties, rich aftertaste. Fujian type candied fruit originated in fujian quanzhou, zhangzhou area. Fujian type candied fruit is characterized by a variety of ingredients, large dosage, sweet and fragrant taste, rich aftertaste.草莓干整箱详情_03.jpg

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Add:Western Industry Zone of Anzhai Quzhou Hebei China